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British Flowers at their Best British Flowers at their Best
Heucheras make excellent cut flowers. For arrangements, cut flower spikes when half the blossoms have opened. Cut flowers last about ten days or so.... British Flowers at their Best
Alliums Ornamental Onions . These easy-to-grow bulbs come in a broad palette of colours, heights, bloom times and flower forms. They make excellent cut flowers for fresh or dried bouquets..available in a selection of colours nowadays blues purples reds white
English Alsto
· Alstroemeria are such a long-lasting flower, with a vase life of 7-14 days…which is probably why they are reported to be one of the biggest selling florist flowers worldwide Alstroemeria or Peruvian Lillys as they are commonly called are thirsty flowers. It is important to check to see that the vase is full and add preservative solution as needed.
wide variety of colurs available
English Lillies Lilies as Cut Flowers in Vase Arrangements. by Karen. on September 29, 2011. Lilies are beautiful cut flowers and can make an arrangement look elegant. A solitary stem, in a vase can in fact, be a striking arrangement all by it self, providing a long bloom time as the buds unfold. An everyday bouquet of garden flowers can be made to look elegant with the addition of English lilies
Brodiaea have plenty of funnel-shaped flowers opening as the leaves die down Details T. laxa is a perennial with linear basal leaves and loose umbels of funnel-shaped, mid- to deep blue flowers 3-4cm in length, on stems to 50cm in early summer the secret to quality flowers as we all know is clean containers and fresh water
Nepeta or otherwise known as catmint tubular flowers Details N. cataria is an herbaceous perennial forming a loose clump of branched stems with oval to triangular, greyish-green, toothed, strongly aromatic leaves that are highly attractive to cats and florists alike due to the aroma and the pretty flowers .
aroma and flowers make this a great flower for florists

Heucheras make excellent cut flowers. For arrangements, cut flower spikes when half the blossoms have opened. Cut flowers last about ten days or so. Heucheras are a favorite nectar

we all love Lavender English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is the most commonly grown and the hardiest lavender of all. It has needle-like silvery leaves and bears short, upright spikes of flower in midsummer.

A clean container and cut flower food to the water for a longer vase life.
. Topping the vase up regularly: lisianthus need a lot of water. The thin petals mean that the water evaporates rapidly from the flowers. So don’t place them in the sun or near other sources of heat. lisianthus should not be placed in a draught or next to the fruit bowl either
almost rose like flowers ………………..
Nigella Love in a mist is the common name for this delicate looking flower The airy foliage makes a nice complement to broader leaved plants. The flowers keep realy well when cut, and even the seed pods can be dried and used in arrangements.
Phacellia which bears Gentian-blue, bell-shaped flowers with contrasting white stamens on one-sided curved racemes. its is commonly known as Fiddleneck
Stocks one of my favourite English cut flowers Stock, also known as Matthiola, is a hardy cool-season annual native to the Mediterranean but grown as a garden plant or as cut flowers in the UK and a favorite in old-fashioned cottage gardens. The tightly clustered flowers come in shades of white, pink, red, cream, peach, yellow, lilac or purple, and may be single or double. Because of their sweet and spicy fragrance, spikes of stock blossoms are often sold as a cut flower
Sweet William are favourites for many home gardeners for their red, purple, white and violet bi-coloured flowers and clove-like fragrance which also makes them a popular choice as a cut flower …often sold in bunches as an inexpensive pick up line

There are plenty other English flowers to choose from

sunflower sweet peas Dahlias outdoor chrysanth etc etc etc


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